Rebecca is responsive, knowledgeable and caring. I engaged her services for a rather complex matter and she has been invaluable. 

Current client, Annual satisfaction survey


Rebecca is cheerful!

Current client, Annual satisfaction survey

I have consulted with Rebecca on multiple occasions on issues involving family and close friends. I would highly recommend Rebecca Li and Ayon Living to anyone needing help with managing care for family members. I will continue to use Rebecca Li and Ayon Living when I or my loved ones need help.

Rebecca, with her 9 years of experience as a licensed clinical social worker in major hospitals in the San Francisco Bay Area, is uniquely qualified to help her clients and their families navigate everything from post hospital to long term care arrangements and anything in between.  She can also help you proactively with concerns you see coming up for you or your loved one. She understands the complexities of our current healthcare system.  Rebecca can be invaluable in getting you or your loved one the appropriate care or help they need.  

And it's not just health care Rebecca can help you with!  With her social work background and advocacy experience, she knows what public and private resources are available to help for just about any issue that might arise.

Growing old and needing more help can mean figuring out how to navigate "the system" to get the help you need, coordinating the care, following up to make sure you get the help you thought you were getting, and making sure you are getting the results you wanted.  This can be really tough, frustrating, and time consuming.

Rebecca Li has the knowledge, the experience, and the patience to help you get through all of this.  She can help you get to the resources you need. She is thoughtful and perceptive about her clients and their families.  She strives to understand where her clients are coming from. She helps them work towards their desired outcomes.  Rebecca is respectful, kind and courteous.  She is conscientious and communicates clearly and in a manner I can understand.  She is a true professional.

Sandy H.