In pursuit of joyful aging

Because every stage inspires wonder

Care Coordination

We partner with families, adult children, and loved ones who desire peace of mind. We monitor client health and safety, provide expert recommendations, and ensure that other service providers are accountable for quality care.


Our goal is to let families be families -- we'll handle the rest.

Project Packages

We work with families who desire the highest quality care for their loved ones. But if you've been helping a loved one, you've noticed that navigating care can be confusing, exhausting, and time-consuming.


We help families solve problems like:

  • Transitioning home from the hospital

  • Evaluating housing options

  • Starting a long term care insurance claim

  • Safe transportation

Our mission is to help you experience aging with joy and balance. That starts with getting unstuck.


Rebecca Li, LCSW, CCM

Hello, I’m Rebecca, and I’m a licensed clinical social worker and a board-certified case manager. I founded Ayon Living LLC to solve one of the most difficult problems people have when navigating elder care: You don’t know what you don’t know.